LETI Communication Experts Festival 2022
leti comminication experts festival 2021
LETI Communication Experts Festival is the largest annual student pr and communication event.
Beginning specialists from all over Russia will gather in St. Petersburg to exchange their experience and discuss the latest industry trends as well as to take part in the struggle for the Festival Cup

Date and location
the Festival will be held 13 to 16 April .
The location will traditionally be Etu "LETI" university, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

What the festival includes
During the Festival the participating teams will have to solve many complicated but interesting problems of pr-communication sphere. points will be awarded. One of the main tasks will be the case from the General partner of the event.

the participants are offered a rich program:
  • master classes from specialists at pr-communication sphere
  • trips to the sites of large companies of St. Petersburg
  • presentations at the conference
  • workshops
  • team building and etc...

Who takes part
The festival is open to all young PR-specialists from all over the world. Our participants are active and curious students who love their profession, want to develop in it and never stop!

You can register by clicking the button above

4 components of leti communication experts festival
  • LETIFest Contest
    LETIFest Contest is a competitive part of the Festival. Teams solve cases from partners and make presentations at conferences. The strongest teams receive prizes, and the team that took the first place receives the Festival Cup. But the most important thing is not the Cup itself but the path that needs to be paved to it. The competitive environment perfectly stimulates the working process and forms a non-standard point of view to solve problem situations. The festival teaches to work in a team!
  • LETIFest Lectorium
    LETIFest Lectorium is a large number of workshops from professionals. Participants will have an excellent opportunity to personally communicate with practitioners, ask them questions, and perhaps find a future employer. The festival helps to find your vocation!
  • LETIFest Entertainment
    LETIFest Entertainment is the entertainment part of our Festival program. It allows participating teams to visit field trips on the sites of popular brands, to see what the work of PR-specialists in the largest companies of the Northern capital is based on, as well as to acquire new acquaintances through an interactive event—team building. The festival gives opportunities!
  • LETIFest Academic Networking
    LETIFest Academic Networking is a real storehouse of professional knowledge. Within the framework of youth conferences, participants will be able to demonstrate their professional qualities in front of the jury and add it to their own knowledge. Teachers will also have the opportunity to unite in the framework of the meeting of the Association of teachers of public relations, making presentations and sharing experiences with each other. The festival teaches new things!
THE WINNER Cup is a final stage, which will reach only one team
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